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    My personal calling in mental health has brought me into jobs as an in-home counselor, residential counselor, supervisor, and more recently a clinical director of an intensive outpatient program here in Memphis. Despite the tremendous joy I found through my work, however, I always felt the desire to build my own private practice in which I could work with clients to the full extent of my ability, without the restrictions of a standard job. 

    Holistically Yours was birthed from a series of personal and professional experiences along with theoretical structures that have been proven to increase overall health and wellness.  I am very passionate about seeing people live fulfilling lives and build healthy relationships, without the mask.  So many of us appear to have it all but deep down are struggling with keeping up.  Having the great job, the spouse, the kids and the awesome circle of friends are still not enough to fill the void that only YOU are able to fit in.  

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    I've always been told that I'm easy to talk to and down-to-earth. It's one of the compliments I always perk up to hear-having someone you trust and feel safe around is so important to opening up and beginning the healing process, and I'm incredibly thankful to know that my clients can feel this way during their process of personal growth. Moreover, because of my extensive work with individual clients, couples and families with stories across the map, I've had the fortune to be enriched with the experience and understanding of hundreds of clients. Still, I strive to learn every day and improve my practice, and I promise I'll always do my best in helping you regain happiness and fulfillment in your life to the same extent that I would my own.

    I offer a Holistic approach to therapy that is tailored to fit every client's individual needs. My therapeutic process will encourage you to explore unhealthy behaviors and patterns in your past, regain the sense of purpose and identity you may have lost sight of, rediscover your unique abilities and talents, and begin to craft a life of abundance. There is so much to living that we so often lose sight of!